Thursday, July 29, 2010


Covert intentions, a masquerade of virtue, 
Pretentiously demure in my territory, an almost chameleonic metamorphosis elsewhere; 
Prudence half-heartedly elided, liberty extended, 
Leading to regret later, having found my affinities evaded. 

Threatened, but not defeated; shaken, but not stirred, 
The venom of treason served as the impetus, 
Dettachment became the sense of purpose, 
After all, intrusive weeds are meant to be uprooted. 

Love is unlike transient weather, it is a perennial wave, 
Its essence neither seized, nor expropriated; 
For retribution is not a trait of the veracious, 
They have looks that can literally kill. 

- For someone I will never be able to tolerate. 


As transient as a trickling teardrop
As requisite as a rose in full bloom
Fleeting moments adorn its frame
Significant others gather room.

- A few minutes of solitude on a rainy night led to this. Those who have read other poems by me may notice my obsession with using roses overtly as imagery.

Mastered advertising!

Whoever thought of this, is a genius in my eyes. It makes me swoon almost as bad as a Shah Rukh Khan film does.

Too glaring to miss. Public heritage!

Hopefully CWG 2010 won't literally go down the drain!

Too glaring to miss. Public heritage!


The scarlet seduction of a rose in full bloom
The fighting fury of the tangerine fire
The effervescent warmth of the yellow sun
Come together to dispel the despairing gloom.

The enticing enigma of the earthly browns
The terribly transient turquoise of the deep seas
The welcoming abodes of the lush greens
Glistening like jewels on royal crowns.

The precarious pink in a momentary blush
The ambrosial aura of purple dreams
The growling greys of monsoon clouds
Give nothing short of an adrenalin rush.

The serene white of an unpainted canvas
The dark domains of clear black nights
Each distinct, with a unique taste and smell
Intrinsic to life, each has a story to tell.